1st Year Hive Set Up With 5 Frames of Local Bees

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Everything you need for a first year hive, including the bees! This is the hive set up we recommend. 10 frame, locally amish made, Ohio white pine, and assembled by us. Standard telescoping lid, inner cover, a medium honey super, two deep brood boxes, solid bottom board, and entrance reducer make up the hive. We add in a metal queen excluder, winter feeding shim, and a hive top feeder (it holds 2 gallons!) to make sure you have the things you need your first year. A local nuc finishes off the whole set up. You take your bees home in a Jester that securely closes, but if you bring that back to us, we give you $25 back!
Don’t want to paint? Add wax dipping to preserve your box for 15-20 years with no maintenance needed.
Local Pickup Only- Your bees will go home with you in a Jester EZ Nuc. If you return the box, you will receive a $25 refund for the box.

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