About Us

It all began with years of research and then a fallen tree with bees.

After years of research and a tree falling that containing a colony of bees, Kevin and Liz officially became beekeepers. We quickly increased our numbers by doing rescue/ cut outs of houses and trees, capturing swarms and making splits, giving them a new happy home. HappBee Acres was born.  As our apiaries grew, we kept extra equipment on hand and local beekeepers began stopping to purchase things. We recognized the need in our community for beekeeping supplies. By opening a store we could help our community in ways we never imagined. Being a small operation, we’re limited to how much honey we can offer the local community. If we helped other bee keepers bee successful with their hives, everyone would benefit from having more pollinators around; more local honey can be produced, each bee keeper becomes an ambassador for honey bees, bringing awareness to the community as a whole.  Our goal is to have equipment on hand for stages of beekeepers from side liners to new bee keepers. Help educate others, learn from our mistakes making your hobby or side business run smoother and more enjoyable.