Jester© EZ Nuc Box


There are fantastic for transporting swarms! Install 5 frames, install the swarm and close the lid. Great ventilation keeps them from over heating while you travel and you can take your time setting up a hive. They start drawing wax right away. We keep one in every vehicle we own. They are very light too so if you are on a ladder, these make it very easy to manage.
An inexpensive option for a long lasting nuc box. Made of corrugated plastic (not cardboard coated), light to move, and durable. Holds deep frames with 3/4 inch space above and below for space to feed, treat for mites, or add a queen cage. Ships flat and folds together with no fasteners. A great spare box to have without taking up space. These have the best ventilation on the market and keeps your nuc from overheating, a common problem with similar products when they are closed up and transported. Built in hand holds make moving these a breeze. Bee’s will not chew through the plastic, a common problem with wax coated cardboard boxes. A perforated hole in the top allows for a small plastic bottle to be used as a feeder if desired.
This ships in bundles of 4 or less to keep shipping prices down. 5 or more adds $100 to the shipping price when bundled together, so we will break orders down into smaller bundles for shipping.
Watch the companies video on how to transform it to a nuc box. “CLICK HERE for Folding Instructions video
*Pro Tip – These have great ventilation but we would still place it in the shade, never in the full sun.

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