Q: Do you offer shipping?

A: We do! We are currently working on setting shipping up on our website so if you need an item shipped, just email, message, or call us and we will get a quote to you. If you have a quote from us, you can search shipping on our page, or click Here, and select the amount quoted to you. This will add shipping to your order without the need for a separate invoice. Do not add an amount until you contact us.

Q: I need something that isn’t on your website. Can you order it for me?

A: Maybe. Please contact us through email, message, or phone and we will see what we can do for you. We have several sources of inventory and will do our best to fill your request.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: We can be reached through email, Facebook messenger, and phone. The best way to receive a prompt response is Facebook messenger.

Q: Do you sell honey?

A: We do! We offer honey from our bees which stay locally. It is raw (never heated above 100 deg), and unfiltered to retain LOTS of pollen, which helps with allergies. We sell honey year around at our store in Batavia, OH as well as at Carney’s Feed Mill, Holzman’s Meat and Deli, and seasonally at A&M Orchard. We offer Spring, Summer, Fall Goldenrod and Comb honey. Availability changes throughout the year. In small quantities, medical grade propolis and pollen and wax are also available.

Q: What is the difference in colors?

A: Depending on what is in season and what the bees forage on. In general, all of the different colors have the same amount of natural sugar (Glucose & Fructose )in them. The lighter the color, the more mellow the flavor, the darker, the bolder. Light is great for those that do not like the taste of honey or when adding it to a coffee, tea or even lemonade, it only sweetens the drink, not alter the flavor. On the other hand, a stir fry, meat on the grill, cookies, bread, or just eating it on biscuits, darker wins this one.

Q: Do I have to register my bees/ apiary with the state?

A: Yes, and to answer the next question of why, you have the benefit of being notified if there are diseases or threats in your area that could harm your bees. American and European Foul Brood for example. I could give dozens of examples but… when you register, you can choose to NOT have to be inspected. It is flat $5 per apiary, regardless how many hives are in it.

Q: Where do I register?

A: Ohio Apiary Resistration

Q: Is there something else to register for too? Something about if people are spraying around me?

A: There is. It is called Fieldwatch.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: To comply with the Ohio law, we apply and collect Ohio sales tax for in-store purchases and for online orders. Ohio requires sales tax on all purchases as well as shipping.

Q: Do you recycle?

A: Most definitely. We may even reuse clean packing materials in our shipments to you! This helps reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the frequency of our trips to the local recycling center, it helps reduce energy usage by the recycling center.