Yellow Jacket Trap


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This trap features 6 funnel style entry points that once they enter, insects can not find their way out of. Multiple small holes allow the scent of your bait to be carried on the breeze, drawing them into the trap.

Yellow jackets can decimate a hive through robbing and bees have a hard time stopping them. Use these traps in the spring, summer and fall. Do not add honey to them and you will not catch honeybees. Most baits include vinegar, sugar, apple cider and some form of raw uncooked meat or cat food. You can also purchase commercially made baits.

*Pro tip – some use shrimp to both effectively deter bees and most certainly attract yellow jackets, wasps and hornets.

*Pro tip – If you set these out early enough, you can catch a queen yellow jacket.  Catch her, and you just eliminated an entire colony of yellow jackets.