Ventilated Quilt Box 10 Frame


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Made of Ohio pine by a local amish family, this one piece box is made to hold shavings that will, when used properly, help control moisture in the hive during the winter. Ventilation holes help the shavings dry out as the air passes through, prolonging the time shavings can remain in the box before replacing. Recessed mesh allow space on top of frames for a winter feeding block to be placed. *Does not come painted*

*Pro Tip – Remember to check the shavings a few times in the winter to ensure they do not become too saturated. Squeeze the shavings into a ball and if it holds it’s shape, they need replaced with dry shavings.

In the spring when removed, you can reuse your shavings for smoker lighting material.

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 7.5 × 21 in