Varroa Test Bottle by Ceracell


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Test kit includes measuring cup, instruction, and a securely sealing container with a mesh basket inside

*Pro Tip – The most common issue we see is failure to check for your queen. Ensure you do not scoop her up when collecting bees for this wash. Learn how to spot your queen WITHOUT a paint dot!!!

*With the shortage of alcohol during the pandemic, some commercial beekeepers were able to use certain types of windshield washing fluid but if at all possible and it’s available, we recommend using 90% rubbing alcohol.

*Varroa Mites are a HUGE problem and the #1 natural cause of a colonies mortality. (#1 is actually the beekeeper).  Please research Varroa and understand alllllll of the different treatment options and the mite it’s self by clicking The Honeybee Health Coalition non profit site

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