“That Beetch” The Queen’s Regimen Anti-Aging Kit

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Made in the USA (in fact, made in Cincinnati!) with HappBee Acres Honey. We are very proud to bee able to supply them with our quality honey, the same honey we have on our shelf.

Treat yourself or that someone special like the Queen you or they are! This kit comes with four (!) potent anti aging products to keep skin glowing, youthful, and healthy! Scientific based creams and serums will bring out the best in your skin with less effort than you ever thought possible. The royal threesome of propolis, honey, and prebiotics in every product, your skin will thank you and your friends will complement you!
Contains the “Seeing is Beelieving” eye cream, “Beetox” wrinkle serum, “Busy Beetch” day cream, and “Resting Beetch Face” night cream.

“Seeing is Beelieving”: The Royal Threesome of propolis, honey, and prebiotics will have you feeling like royalty in no time! Reduce puffiness, fine lines, and promote cell regeneration with the blend of Reishi (the mushroom of immortality) and Oat Milk to show off those amazing eyes everyday!

“Beetox”: Tired of checking for those sneaky wrinkles in the mirror? Get you some Beetox so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Forget injecting yourself with Botox and use this serum to reverse signs of aging, enhance your skins elasticity, and repair skin damage. Made with bakuchiol extract to have a plant derived retinol without harsh chemicals.

“Busy Beetch” : This anti-aging day cream is your morning ritual condensed into one bottle! Let the scientifically balanced ingredients prepare your skin for the day ahead, no matter what it may bring! Designed to make your skin supple, softer, and protects it against environmental damage at the same time!

“Resting Beetch Face” : This cream is scientifically balanced to help revive, rebalance, and brighten your skin night after night. Made with your skin in mind, it has hemp oil in it to moisten without leaving a residue to clog pores, chamomile to soothe your skin from the day’s trials. Contains honey, prebiotics, propolis, hemp oil, chamomile, and probiotics.

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