Muth bottle with Corks 4oz, 8oz or 16oz


A decorative square glass bottle that brings a touch of history and beauty to your honey sales. These bottles were first developed by Charles Muth of Cincinnati in the early 1880s and have not changed much since. Each bottle comes with embossed print stating Honey, a skep, and the size of the bottle. They are sealed with a cork (included in the price).

We can ship but at your own risk as insurance will pay for broken bottles. We are not responsible for anything broken in shipment. However, these are pretty tough bottles and we’ve never had one break in transport. For extra caution, we include a label that says glass, fragile. 

*Pro Tip- For a bit more finesse, we dip ours in beeswax for a great looking seal. It makes a better impression, sells quicker & becomes a safety seal. Also prevents moisture from being able to get into the honey.

* instead of a sticky label, we use a hang tag with sisal twine (sold separately in 50 count).

4oz has 36 jars & corks

8oz has 12 jars & corks

16oz has 12 jars & corks


4oz (36 count), 8oz (12 count), 1 lb (12 count)