Civan Uncapping Tank and Tray


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This uncapping workbench will help you start your uncapping process right. Containing the mess within the tank and comes with a frame holder, this stainless steel mobile uncapping tank takes the place of at least three parts of your process. A perforated tray in the bottom allows you to drop cappings straight onto it. Honey drains from the tray into the concave, tilted space underneath, running to a ball valve where you can collect it in a 5 gallon bucket. Rails at the top hold the uncapped frames until you are ready to load your extractor. The frame rest is two sided and will hold 20 of any size frame while you uncap. Tank is 41 1/2 Inches long and 21 1/12 inches wide. Legs quickly unbolt with out tools so it can store easily.  With 4 casters, 2 locking and 2 non locking, it easily rolls across hard surfaces (sorry, no gravel or sand).

*Pro Tip – By removing all of the trays, you can also use this as a settling tank.

*The large perforated bottom can be used to let cut comb drain over night.

*If you have an immersion heater, you can fill the tank with water and de-crystalize buckets or bottles too.