Civan 3/6/6 Power


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This excellent extractor made by Civan is exactly what a beginning beekeeper needs. A motor to make extraction a breeze and it holds enough frames to get you through your harvest in a timely matter. Extracts 3 deep frames tangentially or 6 medium/shallow radially. Switches easily between frame sizes. Power head has variable speed setting and can reverse the direction to make sure you get every drop of honey out of your frames. Sturdy legs and strong construction means this model will last a long time and hold up to many extractions. Stainless steel body and metal honeygate.
There is a smaller version of this extractor, a Civan 3/3/6 that we can order in if you are interested. 3 deeps, 3 mediums, or 6 shallows. Available only as a manual extractor.

2 year warranty. Made in Turkey

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 23 in