Zippy Cool Zipper Cleaning Fluid & Lubrication Stick


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This complete cleaning kit is a great way to make sure that your bee jacket is full life. Regular washing can degrade zippers, propolis can make them stick, and beeswax makes them collect dirt. Use this complete system to keep them running clean and easy.

The ZippyCool cleaning and lubrication system is especially formulated to effectively clean and lubricate, all types of metal, coil, and plastic zippers. ZippyCool cleaning fluid, featuring the unique patented push/pull dispenser, brush, removes harmful dirt, sand, salt deposits, and other resident. The ZippyCool lubricating stick is a unique wax formula designed to lubricate zippers. Regular use of the complete cleaning and lubrications system or prolong the life of all your metal, coil, and plastic zippers. Contains no silicone or paraffin.

Made in the USA

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Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 3 in