Wax Dip 5 Frame Solid Bottom Board


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Wax dipping has been used by commercial beekeepers for 20+ years. While most smaller beekeepers may not be familiar with it, you’re about to see why it’s the bees knees.

We use a 50/50 blend Paraffin & Microcrystalline heated to 250 deg and the wood is submerged for 15 mins. No beeswax is used.

Our large custom stainless tank built for wax dipping holds several items at once. Unfortunately previously treated, painted or sealed things cannot be dipped because the wax will not penetrate the wood. Items that have been wax dipped can not be painted or sealed at a later date, the paint or sealer will not bond to it.

The benefits are…. never paint your boxes again, this makes them maintenance free, for 15-20 years without every lifting a brush. Any new wooden ware can be dipped. No fumes or toxins in your hive (they do fine with paint too but it is a bonus). With the price of woodenware and beekeeping, protect your investment with this simple process. 

Equipment does not have a waxy feeling. The high heat boils the moisture and air out of the wood and, when the item is removed from the tank, as it cools the wax is absorbed into the wood making it waterproof/weather proof.

Items are assembled before they are dipped because glue will not bond to the wax. We do not wax dip frames