Ultra Breeze ® Jacket, Made in the USA


CAN NOT BE SHIPPED! Pick up only in store or at events.

We are very proud to be Ultra Breeze’s® first and only authorized dealer.

Welcome to the best jacket and suit on the market. It’s what the vast majority of commercial beekeepers wear, it’s the #1 recommended, most trusted and comfortable on the market.

These 100% USA Made suits will keep you protected and cool in the bee yard. Made with 3 layers of fabric to let the air flow through with the slightest breeze, the middle layer gives you the depth to prevent stings. This allows you to work comfortably and keep your bees happy. By preventing stings, you prevent alarm pheromones from stirring up your hive, plus you don’t kill the bees while you work them. 

Made with genuine YKK brass zippers, they are made to last. The elastic wrists are Velcro adjustable to get that perfect fit without stretching out. A roomy fencing veil with clearview mesh keeps your face protected but lets you see what you are doing. There is plenty of storage with 2 breast pockets and 2 pockets at the waist made from mesh so no bee stingers getting stuck in those either. Unisex sized.

100% USA made with 100% USA fabric by a 100% USA company