Telescoping Lid 8 Frame


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With a deep enough rim to cover both the inner cover and the hive box below, this telescoping lid will keep your bees happy and dry. Made with the inner cover notch in mind, bees will be able to freely use their upper entrance by maintaining proper bee space. Metal wrapped around all four sides will keep moisture from getting between the wood and metal and rotting it out.  Made and assembled by a local Amish family from Ohio White Pine with stainless steel screws and aluminum metal that will never rust or corrode.

*Pro Tip – Use either a strap or a heavy object to keep the lid from blowing off.  If using something heavy, place a small pebble under one end to that air can get under the object.  More critical in winter but it can cause condensation to occur under the lid, and drip moisture down onto the bees.

*When placing the lid back on, insert your hive tool next to the notch on the inner cover and lightly pry.  It will automatically snug the back of the lid to the inner cover, ensuring the gap is large enough for the bees to pass though.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 23 × 3 in