Queen Marking Pen


This the brand of paint pens most commercial beekeepers use including Bob Binnie & Kamon Reynolds. Used in conjunction with one of the queen marking cages, you can make a mark on the back of a queen. This will make it easier to find a queen quickly during inspections. You can also keep track of the age of your queen to help determine when it is time to replace her. If you have marked queens and open the hive to find an unmarked queen, it is a good indication they have swarmed. Pen is a water based paint marker. This pen color is Red for the year 2023.

*Pro Tip – Practice marking drones until you get the hang of it. By the time you mark your queen, you’ll feel more confident. Drones are much easier to replace.

Broken Pen? No Need to order a whole new pen. You can find replacement nibs (pen tips) for the Competitive Advantage Pens HERE 

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Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Baby Blue, Purple