Anel © Propolis Screen / Trap


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A hard plastic propolis screen that encourages bees to make clean propolis for you to collect. Made by Anel in Athens Greece. They will fit any 10F langstroth and with a pair of scissors, can be modified to fit other sizes and types of hives.

Replace the inner cover with this screen and place a small shim under your lid to allow a little sunlight to enter.  The bees will begin to propolis the opening closed.  When ready, remove and replace the inner cover and lid as normal.  You now have very clean, medical grade propolis to use to sell. Propolis has many uses, just a few are for tinctures, lotions or creams, old fashioned sealers for wood and large companies purchase for their products.

*Pro Tip – The easiest way to remove propolis from this screen is to place it inside a garbage bag and freeze. Remove from the freezer and with the screen still inside of the bag, twist the screen.  The propolis is very brittle and will fall right off the screen.  Place the propolis in a container and leave in the freezer until use. If stored outside the freezer, it can become one solid lump. It’s still good, just hard to work with.

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Dimensions 21 × 17 × 1 in