Playmobil Beekeeper


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This 3 inch tall beekeeper comes with everything you need for a mini apairy! A hive with a removable hive top has 4 removable frames. The beekeeper has removable veil, gloves, and a smoker to help work in the hive. A bucket will hold the frames or the 3 jars of honey. To finish off the perfect apiary, there is also a small tree with flowers and a butterfly. Comes in factory packaging.

*For children 4 and up

*Please note: this set is part of the Playmobil Plus and is inteded to be an accessory for existing Playmobil sets. It can be used alone, but it does not come packaged in the blue Playmobil box. It comes in a clear plastic bag from Playmobil. All toys are new and unused.