3 lb Packaged Bees


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*Local Pick up Only* We do not ship bees. Pickup date is Apr 25th 2024 Follow our FB page for updates!!! We cannot contact each individual person. If you do not use FB,  give us your email, and we will contact you if there’s a change.

Genetically tested at Rossman Apiaries to ensure there are no Africanized traits and have certificates available upon request.
3lb packages of live bees with mated a queen (but not marked). Italian-Carniolan hybrid bees are great to work with in the apiary. Gentle, they build up fast in the spring for honey production, but slow brood production in the summer, not consuming all of their stores. Queens come un-marked (we sell the marking tools though). A marked queen teaches you to only look for a dot, never developing your queen ID technique. With some practice, you can spots queens quickly and easier (if it was easy, everyone could do it).

Please be sure to enter the best phone number and email address to reach you at during checkout in case we have any questions or need to reach you. We release updates for delivery info for packages and nucs on our FB page.

*Pro Tip – Feed them sugar water, especially in the beginning. They will draw out comb much, much….. much faster. It takes @8 lbs of capped honey to make 1 lb of wax. Don’t stop feeding until they have all of their brood boxes with comb built and are ready for a honey super.

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