3 lb Packaged Bees (Sold out for 2022)



Sold out for 2022

*Local Pick up Only* We do not ship bees.  Select your date, but they are subject to change due to weather/ availability.

Genetically tested at Rossman to ensure there are no Africanized traits and have certificates available upon request.

3lb packages of live bees with mated a queen (but not marked). They usually arrive late March – mid April (weather dependent). We have sold out of the Late March Pickup date, we are on the mid April pickup date. Italian-Carniolan hybrid bees are great to work with in the apiary. Gentle, they build up fast in the spring for honey production, but slow brood production in the summer, not consuming all of their stores. Queens come un-marked (we sell the marking tools though). A marked queen teaches you to only look for a dot, never developing your queen ID technique. With some practice, you can spots queens quickly and easier (if it was easy, everyone could do it).

Our packages come from Rossman Apiaries in GA. From the time they are shook into a box and you install them into your box, it’s usually less than 18hrs. This greatly reduces the stress and dead bees (stronger and happier bees).

Please be sure to enter the best phone number and email address to reach you at during checkout in case we have any questions or need to reach you. We release updates for delivery info for packages and nucs on our FB page.

*Pro Tip – We recommend you feed them sugar water, especially in the beginning. They will draw out comb much, much faster. It takes @8 lbs of capped honey (@ 4glns / 32lbs of nectar or syrup) just to make one pound of wax. That does not include honey consumed by bees or feeding larvae.

We prefer to see new beekeepers purchasing a complete hive set to include one super. The majority of the time, these packages produce a little honey their first year. Depending on your management style and the weather, some have gotten almost a super of honey (not sugar water). These packages arrive right at the beginning of the nectar flow, giving them an additional 1+ months to build up compared to our NUC’s. You can always replace the queen during the peak of summer with a “local queen” but these genetics have always done well because it’s not where the bees or queen comes from, it’s the quality of the genetics, how the queen was raised, mating flight conditions and how long she lays eggs before placed in a cage (3 or more weeks is best) and more.

*Our supplier had a customer personally fly 75 of theses packages to Alaska. If they can survive in AK, they can survive anywhere, even in Ohio.

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March 27 (Sold Out), April 16, April 30


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