Nuc Deep Box w/ Bottom and Migratory Lid


5 frame deep Nuc for splitting your hives, queen rearing or to pull frames of brood out of to boost an established hive. This solid pine box with box / finger joints comes with a solid bottom board, 9 5/8 inch tall box, a migratory lid and an entrance reducer. Made by a local Amish family out of Ohio White pine. Entrance Disk not included. If unassembled, only the box is unassembled, the lid and bottom are assembled with non toxic, Titebond 3 exterior glue. Choose box assembly. Entry disk sold separately due to many different types available.

*Pro Tip – Take a look at our round Guardian entrance to control Small Hive Beetles preventing them from getting into the hive.  They are one of the biggest reasons to lose a nuc, which a very small and weak hive.

*Has your Nuc built up but not ready to move them into a larger box? If you don’t soon, they will swarm.  Add another 5F box above this one to buy you some more time.

*If used during the summer, you can increase ventilation by placing a couple of shims the size of popsicle sticks on the front or back just under the lid.  It allows a great deal of air flow without letting robbers get into the hive. Not too much though or Small Hive Beetles can squeeze though.


Assembled, Unassembled