Migratory Lid 4 Frame and 5 Frame


Made from solid white pine (most companies use plywood), ship lapped on the top and glued. The sides have a shoulder joint for more glue surface area to help keep the lid from cupping or twisting.

Migratory lids allow beekeepers to place hives closer together, either to transport them or palletize them. Placing nucs closer together also helps the bees keep the hive at a more stable temperature due to sharing warmth through the walls.  Our lids are made frame Ohio White Pine by local Amish.

*Pro Tip – If used during the summer, you can increase ventilation by placing a couple of shims the size of popsicle sticks on the front or back just under the lid.  It allows a great deal of air flow without letting robbers get into the hive. Not too much though or Small Hive Beetles can squeeze though.




4 Frame, 5 Frame