Making Your Own Mead


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Fill your flagon with a drink fit for a king!

Once the drink of choice for Viking marauders and medieval kings, mead is enjoying a renaissance in popularity!

The “nectar of the gods” is easy to make at home using just honey, water and yeast. This practical guidebook will inspire you to take up the craft, with a basic guide to mead-making techniques, plus 43 recipes for brewing the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage.

Making Your Own Mead shows you how to produce an array of tasty mead variations, by blending honey with herbs, spices, fruits, berries, and more. Just because mead is made from honey doesn’t mean it has to be sweet! Versatile mead can be dry as a bone or seductively sweet, sparkling or still, fruity or spicy.

Discover how to make different types of mead like fruit-flavored melomels, grape-based pyments, spiced metheglins, and apple cysers. You’ll also find recipes for mixing up your mead in classic drinks like a honey bishop or a twelfth night wassail.

43 recipes for making both dry and sweet meads
Tips on honey selection, preparation, and fermentation
Basic rules that every meadmaker needs to know
Practical advice on mead-making equipment & techniques
How to brew melomel, pyment, hippocras, metheglin, and cyser
Classic mead drinks and mulled drinks with honey

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