Live Queens


Live, marked queens that are grafted, raised, and bred by Dan Williams of Frankfort, Ohio. These queens are grafted from Dan’s breeder queens ($600 each from nationally recognized queen breeder Latshaw Apiary in Central Ohio! ), giving you superior genetics in your apiary. These queens are Ohio queens that have been proven before they are removed from the hive, meaning they have laid a good pattern for at least 3 weeks. We drive to Frankfort to pick them up so they have never been shipped. Breeds are determined by availability (Carniolan or Italian). We do allow pre-orders for queens, but they will not be available until the following week. To ensure availability of pre-orders, please contact us first.

When available, we also offer queens from our own stock (we do not mark our queens). Over the years we have done many removals from trees and houses so these would be considered “survivor bees”. We select for gentleness, honey production, laying patterns and if the daughter we graft from does not have the characteristics of her mother, we do not continue that lineage. All queens have the ability to survive Ohio winters, as long as the hive has been treated for mites, have good nutrition (pollen stores) and capped honey/ resources. 



Carniolan, Italian, HappBee Acre Queens, Rossman Apiaries Queen