Foundationless Frames Unassembled


Original Walter T Kelley F Style frames. These frame’s top bar are unique being a solid one piece, milled to a tapered center. This helps guide bees into building comb centered on the frame and encourages less cross comb building. Some attempt to turn a wedge top frame into a foundation less but it can cause issues as it is not truely centered. These are the bees knees. Fits in a standard Langstroth box. Hardware not included.

*Pro Tip – You’ll want to place a frame with foundation in between each foundation less frame until they draw everything out. If you only put in these frames, they will usually start to draw comb sideways, forcing you to cut out the comb, usually having to remove it completely. That is time, energy, and resources lost. Make it easier on your girls by adding in those foundation frames. We call that “checker boarding”.

* Some use these for comb honey production as well.