Snellgrove Double Screen Board



Also called Snellgrove boards, these double screened boards are used to create splits, swarm control, recombining a swarm with the parent hive to create great comb honey, then once the new queen is established, pinch the old queen and recombine for a great honey producing colony or preparing for winter, place a weak hive or nuc above a strong hive to share heat for overwintering. The double screen keeps bees from being able to sting each other while multiple entrance options allows for a top and bottom entrance into different hives. Made by a local Amish family using Ohio pine and assembled using stainless steel screws. Fits a 10 frame standard langstroth hive.

*Pro Tip – This is one tool every beekeeper should have at least one of but a to do not know how to use it, or it’s advantages. Even first year bkeeps can benefit from it’s uses.

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10 Frame, 8 Frame


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