Double Mini Mating Nuc


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Perfect for raising queens in, this polystyrene hive is double stacked for allowing hive build up. Place queen cells or virgin queens in the nuc and allow the hive to care for her until she is mated and laying (3+ weeks). Build a strong hive during that time with extra frames and space.  Includes the 2 hive boxes, closable entrance with optional queen excluder, feeding chamber with queen excluder to keep her from drowning in the syrup, eight 4 inch food grade plastic frames, ventilation screen for front of the hive and a vent screen for the bottom of the hive that is removable for easy cleaning, clear inner cover, and queen excluder that can be placed between the boxes.

*Pro Tip – If you have a problem with wildlife, place the Mating Nuc inside a hive body to protect it.