Amish Medium Box 8 Frame


Many beekeepers use Medium boxes as honey supers, but they are also gaining popularity as brood boxes. This box is 6 5/8 Inches and made to last. Made locally by an Amish family out of Ohio White pine, this box features finger/box joints that make it strong enough to hold a bumper crop of honey. When purchased assembled, finger joints are fastened with non toxic, Titebond 3 exterior grade glue and 2 inch galvanized staples. If unassembled, hardware is not included. 8 Frame Size

*Pro Tip – Only paint or seal the outside part that is exposed to weather. Do not seal the inside or top/ bottom that the boxes actually sit on.  Pressure and heat will seal the boxes together and you can tear boxes apart trying to separate them.  The thin layer of propolis inside can make it hard enough on you.


Assembled, Unassembled