5 Frame Nuc



Nucs will be released in the order they were placed as they take time to build up. Last summer & falls orders should go out @Mid May, over winter order @ late May @ late winter orders @ early June.

*This is all weather dependent.

5 frame nuc with at least 4 1/2 – 5 deep frames full of bees, brood in all stages, stores of honey and pollen, and a local (from Ohio) laying queen. Pick up only, we do not ship bees. Will be available starting mid May (depending on weather and when our county bee inspector visits our apiaries). Please be sure to enter the best phone number and email address to reach you at during checkout in case we have any questions or need to reach you. We typically release updates on our FB page.

Option 1) You can take the Jester EZ nuc box home and return it at your convenience. You do not keep the nuc box. You will receive your Jester Deposit back when you return it.

Option 2) Drop off your own box when you can and we will transfer the nuc into it for you. We close the box up early am or late pm before you pick it up to ensure all the foragers go with your hive. You will have to plan 2 trips for this option so that we can allow all the bees to come home before you take your box home. You will need to drop off your bottom board, box, extra frames (3 or 5), inner cover, and lid. You can also use any pre owned nuc boxes that close securely.

Option 3) Purchase a Jester EZ nuc box that you’ll keep for future needs. You can make your own splits, pull frames of honey and place in the box, store frames or even retrieve a swarm. (The boxes are great for swarm retrieval, holding frames during inspections and such. They are not large enough to use for swarm traps.)

We release nucs early morning or late evening. We do this to ensure the entire colony is in the box and you do not lose foragers by us closing the hive mid-day.

We release updates for delivery info for packages and nucs on our FB page.

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Return Jester, Bring Your Own Box, Keep Jester