Thorne Mfg 25 Gallon Bottling/ Wax Tank


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This USA Made 25 gallon bottling/wax tank is made of 18 and 14 gauge stainless steel. You can use it to bottle honey, warm/decrystallize a single 5 gallon bucket of honey by setting the entire bucket inside, or melting a LOT of wax cappings. It features 2ea 1 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valves, a thermometer, a stainless steel cover, and a commercial 1800 watt 120V Watlow immersion heater.

The included wax screen (optional from Thorne) separates the last bit of wax from the slum so you get more clean wax with every turn. The upper ball valve is used to pull clean wax from above the slum and other debris in melted wax.

Made by Thorne Manufacturing LLC in Wisconsin