Ultimate Hive© Cover


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No more bulky, heavy lids. This technopolymer lid will never rot, needs no assembly, never needs painted, and is ready to go right away. Lightweight and well fitting, this lid is easy to handle in the bee yard. Designed with bees in mind, it provides passive ventilation to allow for better airflow in the hive. This allows the bees to focus on honey production and brood raising instead of fanning. Made with a drip edge to keep water from running down your boxes, it also has a double wall construction to provide insulation. Made in the USA with recycled materials. A strap works best to secure this lid. If you place a heavy object on top, it can deform the lid.

*Check out the Ultimate Hive Top Feeder, designed to be used on top of this lid, you never have to get into the hive to refill your feeder again. Works with 1:1, 2:1, 3:5 and Pro Sweet.

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