Triangle Bee Escape 10 Frame


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This handy tool allows for stress free honey harvesting. When placed between supers and brood chamber, bees that travel down into the brood chamber cannot find their way back into the honey super. Placing it with the triangle side down, bees traveling down easily pass through the “maze”. Bees attempting to go back up come to the center of the escape where they can smell through the mesh, but cannot pass through. They never travel to the edges to find the openings there.

*Pro Tip – Place this below supers 24 hrs before you want to remove supers and close up any above entrances. This gives the bees time to make their way down through the escape. If you leave it on for more than a day, bees, being curious, can start to find their way back through the escape.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 2 in