The Joys of Beekeeping – Richard Taylor


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Richard Taylor, a passionate a beer since the late 1930s, lives in the Bristol hills of upstate New York. His books and articles in metaphysics and ethics have been reproduce in mini anthologies and translations. Graduate of the University of Illinois and post graduate of Oberlin College and Brown University, he has taught at Swarthmore, Columbia, and the University of Rochester, and has held distinguish professorships at Brown, Hamilton College, Wells, and Hobart/William Smith colleges.

Yet for Taylor, it is the craft a Beekeeping that has stimulated “more profound woolgathering, and cooking of schemes than any other pursuit, I know of.” The wool gathering tends to result in finished prose. In an apparent cross pollination of thought, the authors writings range from regular contributions to gleanings and B culture and the American bee journal to With Heart and Mind, a book of philosophy that bears an underlying similarity to present work.

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