Swarm Catching Bag

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This cloth bag makes catching swarms that are in an out of reach location easy. Cloth is great because it gives the bees something to cling to. The bag is supported on a metal ring that attaches to a broom handle or pole (not included) with a thumb screw so you can reach high into a tree or on a building. Once the swarm is in the bag, the ring folds in half to contain them. Upon reaching the hive you wish to install them in, simply untie the bottom of the bag to easily remove them from the bag. Let the bees walk into their new home.  Sometimes if you dump them into the box, they will leave.

*Pro Tip – With any swarm, if you place them on a white sheet a few feet from the box and let them walk in, you can often spot the queen.  Do not mark her yet through, let them get established and mark her later.  Sometimes swarms have two or more queens in them. We let them stay in the hive, they will decide which one is top queen.

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Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6 in