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Control the destructive tendencies of wax moths in stored honey supers. Para-Moth kills wax moths and their larva. Easy to use and very effective. Place 2 tablespoons on a paper plate or card, then place on top of stacked honey supers. Cover. Vapors from the Para-Moth sink into the boxes below. Allow several days to air out honey supers before placing them back on hives. A great way to store supers anytime of year when not on the hives and the temps are warm. If stored outside, once winter sets in and moths are no longer flying, you are good to go.  Other wise, refresh the crystals as needed, @ once a month.


*Pro tip – These are NOT what you buy in your local store, store bought contains a chemical that will not leave the comb and will kill your bees, no matter how long you air them out.  This is the only recommended moth crystals to use for honey bee comb.

*The only way to control wax moths in an existing hive is to have a strong colony with limited comb. Wax moths are in every hive, weak or strong.  The difference is a strong hive has enough bees to do proper house keeping, and carry the eggs out of the hive.  A weak hive or if there are far more combs than bees, they cannot keep a clean house and you the eggs hatch inside the hive.  Reduce the space available to prevent such issues. We offer following boards if your girls are still in a single brood box.

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