Observation Hive


Bee TV!!! Have you ever watched a queen lay eggs, her attendants feeding and taking care of her, bees grooming each other, passing nectar or a pollen forager actually packing the pollen in with her head? Bees festooning, doing waggle dances, a swarm happen and more.

This locally Amish made observation hive holds 9 deep frames in a 3 x3 pattern, can be modified to hold 12 mediums (3 thick, 4 tall).  Features 2 wood doors that cover the plexiglass sheets (1/8″ safety glass is @$250 just for the glass so we use plexiglass). These offer us a glimpse into the hive without being disruptive. It has two vented holes on the top for ventilation or a 70mm feeder lid (not included). You will need to drill a hole in it for your exit tube, depending on how you mount it and where you decide you want to place the hive. There are several options, stop by and ask us about the possibilities and see one in our store.

One customer that had bees for 10+ years said he learned more in one year of having this in his house, than in his 9 years prior. Mounting hardware, connecting hose and accessories are not supplied because of the vast combinations of installations. We can help you figure out what you will need and where you can get things for your specific application.

*Pro Tip – We keep ours in the OB hive year around. This cannot be placed in an unheated space, it needs to be warm for them to survive the winter in the OB hive. An attached garage, insulated workshop or house is perfect. We have ours in the living room @12′ from our wood heating stove and had any issues.



Solid Bottom, Screened Bottom, Solid Bottom Wax Dipped