2 Frame Observation Hive


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A twist to our old style configuration, this model is similar to our 9F observation hives. The door swinging open is a little easier to install or remove frames.

This observation hive is a game changer for programs, fairs, classes, schools, or events. Spacers make sure there is bee space above the frame before you slide in a medium frame of honey to feed the bees during the time they are enclosed. A securely fastened door with a safety screw removes any worry of bees escaping during your event. Ventilation slots are cut into the sides and top to help keep the bees cool and healthy. Two plexiglass sides let observers hunt for the queen, look at brood, see capped honey, and watch the hive work on both sides.

Made in the USA, in Ohio by a local Amish family with USA Pine

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 19 × 5 in