Maxant 6/ 9 Frame Power Extractor includes legs


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This extractor is one of the most popular extractors on the market. Extracts 6 medium/shallows radially and 3 additional deeps/medium-shallows tangentially. Maxant 3100P-9

The motor comes with a variable speed control so you can control how fast your honey spins out. Formed from 20 gauge stainless steel and engineered with a conical bottom, honey collection is a breeze as it all drains towards the smooth drain spout.

*Note: Maxant no longer produces extractors with honey gates. The drain spout is smooth sided and sits lower to allow all the honey to drain.

Legs are included with this price, if not needed, we can sell the unit by itself. 

The 3100 series explained (2020 video shows honey gates, 2021 no honey gates).