Inverted Honeycomb Pattern Plastic Bottle with No Drip Lid

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16 oz inverted with lid × 12

12 count

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16 oz Inverted with Lid × 300

300 count

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24 oz Inverted with Lid × 12

12 count

24 oz Inverted with lid × 225

225 count

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These bottles are designed with a narrow shape and tapered sides to balance perfectly when inverted. Honeycomb Pattern embossed on both sides of the bottle. 
Lids are wider to allow for better balance of the bottle and have a no drip silicone diaphragm to keep the bottle clean.  

PET Plastic
16 oz option: 12 count or 300 count case
24 oz option: 12 count or 225 count case

Honey is sold by weight, not volume. Bottle volume is shown in honey weight (ie: 16 oz bottle holds 16 oz honey but 12 fluid oz)