HF55- Syrup per gallon


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This sugar substitute is great for feeding your bees during the derth. Made from high fructose corn syrup. 

Unlike sugar syrup, it stores easily with no fermentation and is ready to use right out of the bucket, no cooking or mixing necessary. It does not crystalize.  It’s very thick, almost like honey. A 5 gallon bucket weighs the same as honey, 60lbs so it has to be filled in a 90mil bucket, not a 70mil or the bucket can split.

We can also fill your container from our tote for a per gallon price of ! Bring something that has a tightly sealed lid, you do not want this to spill in your vehicle!

Contact us for tote prices. Totes usually have @200 gallons in them.

*Pro Tip- We feed this straight, no mixing with water. It’s thick enough that it does not ferment or spoil. Make sure your feeder has something for the bees to walk on or they will definitely drown in this thick syrup.