Deluxe Horizontal Long Langstroth


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This hive was originally designed for people with physical limitations that prevented lifting heavy boxes, but it has become a great option for people who just don’t want to lift the boxes or deal with multiple boxes.
Simply lift the lid and take out one of the three inner covers to access the 33 deep frames of a colony. Not ready for 33 frames right away? It comes with a follower board that will close off the extra space while your bees fill in the existing frames. 20 deep frames are usually used for the brood frames and the following frames are used for honey production. Swap out frames to extract or close off the extra space with the follower board.
Compared to our basic version, this one accepts honey supers in the middle stacked vertically. Now a queen excluder, hive top feeder, triangle escape board and more can be used. Cut comb is a piece of cake, so is honey production.
A front entrance makes this horizontal hive more natural for the bees to use.
When opened, the legs support the lid so it does not rest with the full weight on the hinges.
Made of Ohio White Pine by a local Amish family. It has treated 4×4 legs for sturdiness & keep it rot free for years to come. Dimensions: 59 1/4 inch long including legs, 55 1/2 inch tall, 24 inches wide
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