Certan B402 Larvicide BT


Protects your frames for up to 1 year. This natural larvicide is a liquid treatment that prevents infestation of wax moth. Safe and environmentally friendly, this concentrated formula contains the micro-organism Bacillus thuringiensis to kill the larval stage of wax moths. Dilute to 5% before use. 

Not for use on live bees while wet.

*Once dry, frames are completely safe to put into a colony.

*How it works is this bacteria cannot be digested by caterpillars, which have a simple stomach and not acidic. This does not prevent wax moths from laying eggs on your frames. When an egg hatches, once the tiny caterpillar consumes this spore, it kills it. This is what we use on our honey supers and extra brood frames. 

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5oz, 1qt