BroodMinder© Citizen Science Kit BRMCS2


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Wondering what is going on in the hive while you can’t get into it? This 3 part kit allows you to check on your hive from any smartphone or tablet without opening the box. Simply connect to the device using bluetooth and get a graph of your hive.

Monitors the weight of the hive, temperature, and humidity with three devices that are simple to install. Temperature is accurate to within 1 degree and humidity is accurate within 3%. Temperature and Humidity monitors are housed in slim 1/4″ bee-resistant wrappers, keeping it unintrusive. Weight bar can hold up to 400lbs, is accurate to .01 pounds, and has a weatherproof/ uv resistant cover.

Broodminder kits also monitor for “Temperature Events”.  If the temperature has a spike, indicating a swarm has formed, the sensor begins doing sampling every minute to keep an accurate report of the event. Information is shown in graph form and can also be compared with other hives on

Kit includes:
BroodMinder-TH – goes on the top of the highest brood box or super
BroodMinder-T2 – goes on top of the bottom brood box
BroodMinder-W – goes under the whole hive

Go straight to the manufacture to learn more, lots more. Broodminder

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 4 in