Apimaye 10 Frame hive Set up


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This food grade, UV resistant plastic (HDPE) has double layer insulation to keep your bees cooler in the summer and warm all winter long, no matter where you live. This also reduces summer bearding and winter food consumption making for happier, healthier, and more productive bees. Already have wood hives? That’s ok! Use these for your main brood chamber and use your existing hive bodies on top for the summer months.
Standard Langstroth deep size box, but (!) you can use the supplied division board to create 2 nucs inside of the one box. Takes 10 standard deep frames not included.
Kit comes with:

  • Screened bottom board with debris tray and ventilation slots (bottom board is attached to box) entrance with built in mouse guard and 2 separate reducers for hives that are divided
    • Pollen trap and tray that can be added when you desire to collect local pollen. Bees pass through the pollen trap and pollen falls into the tray that is easily accessed from behind the hive.
  • 1 Deep Box (standard Langstroth Size) with metal handles that lay flat when not in use, metal latch to connect boxes or lids for added stability, ventilation/acess port for extra entrance or to allow moisture to escape the hive
  • 2 Division boards (1 for Apimaye deep and 1 for the next deep brood box you add) with ventilation, access, or closed off disks
  • Frame spacing tools to lay on top of the frames to prevent movement of the frames if you move, carry, or shift the hive.
  • 2 hive top feeders / inner covers with access to each one separately for allowing divided hives to access the food without contacting each other. Can be used for either syrup or candy depending on which way you turn the access port. Each feeder holds 1/2 gallon syrup
  • Queen excluder with built in spacer to allow for bees to travel over top of the lower frames unrestricted.
  • Insulated lid with clasps for the latches, 2 ventilation ports