One Piece Frame Drone Comb Waxed


Molded plastic frame one piece, green for easy identification in your hive. Features a beeswax coating and a large cell size for drone production. Useful in the hive for Integrated pest management with Varroa, Queen Breeding, and also for honey production. Yep, some people use them for honey, claiming they get a little more per frame due to the larger cells but a queen excluder is a must. Made in USA

*Pro Tip – Be sure to have your Small Hive Beetles under control. The sides of these have small spaces that they can lay eggs in.  We use a Guardian entrance to keep beetles out and a traps or towel inside the hive in case there were already some beetles in the hive.

*If using for Varroa control, after cells are capped, place frames in the deep freeze for minimum of 2 days, 3 is better.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 2 × 10 in