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We will be dipping next Late June/early July. We can not dip Flow Hive Set Ups. This is a preorder for future wax dipped items. If you need something right away, please call or email first to make sure we still have them in stock.

Each box, lid, or bottom board is a single item. Please add 1 dip to your cart per item.

Hot wax…. VERY hot wax. We found a stainless tank for sale and had some modifications done to it for us to be able to dip new woodenware. Unfortunately previously treated, painted or sealed things cannot be dipped. Items that have been wax dipped can not be painted or sealed at a later date, the paint or sealer will not bond to it. We will not dipped plywood made items. It makes the wax in the tank too dirty. Any solid wood is ok. We have built and dipped our own items made of Cherry, Walnut & Maple.

We use a Paraffin & Microcrystalline blend following the recommendations of several commercial beekeepers we are friends with including Kamon Reynolds.

The benefits are…. never paint your boxes again, this makes them maintenance free, lasting 20+ years without every lifting a brush. Any new wooden ware can be dipped. No fumes or toxins in your hive (they do fine with paint too but it is a bonus).

Equipment does not have a waxy feeling. The high heat boils the moisture and air out of the wood and, when the item is removed from the tank, as it cools the wax is absorbed into the wood making it waterproof/weather proof.

Things need to be assembled before they are dipped because glue will not bond to the wax. You may assemble your own boxes and drop them off to be dipped or purchase them already assembled and dipped. We plan on having extras on hand but have no idea how “hot” of an item these will be.

We are asking $6 per item. Frames do not get dipped. A bottom board, box (any size) lid and, inner cover (if you would like though it’s not necessary) all would be $6each. We do recommend dipping anything that is exposed to weather.

How beneficial is wax dipping? We spent over $4500.00 for this set up including the wax….. it’s worth it. Woodenware prices have shot up so this is great for protecting your investment and time.

Discount for large orders over 50 items is $5.50 per item. If you or your club has a lot of equipment you’d like dipped, let us know and we can get a price together for you.

After May, the price per item increased to $6 per item due to the increased cost of materials.


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