Strong Microbials Super DFM + P801

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SuperDFM +P801


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Add the MicroCloud Applicator for a fast and even dispersal without opening the hive!

This does require the use of an air compressor

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This probiotic powder gives you all the benefits of Super DFM with the addition of Pediococcus acidilactici, a bacteria proven to decrease pesticide mortality from 41% to 15%! 
This means your bees have natural microbess, helping create healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption, and protecting them from chalkbrood, pathogens, and strengthens immunity at the same time as being protected from pesticides that are used every day in agricultural modifications.
to use: dry feed, 1.5 teaspoon per hive every 30 days. Do not mix with syrup, patties, or antibiotics. You can also feed two weeks after any anti-microbial treatments.
to apply: dust powder over the top of brood frames, or use the micro cloud applicator for fast and even dispersal.