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Spring honey is lightly flavored and almost clear. Great for those who are looking for a natural sweetener that does not affect the taste, such a baking and sweetening drinks. It is just as sweet as summer honey, just not as flavorful. Spring honey is nectar collected from easy spring flowers such as Locust trees, honeysuckle, and dandelions.  Our honey is all natural, lightly strained, and raw. It has never been heated above 100°F so it is unpasteurized and the natural enzymes are intact. Light straining removes wax and hive debris while leaving behind the pollen spores so you get all the benefits of seasonal local honey.

Spring honey in a BPA free plastic bottle with a plastic pop-top lid or a glass bottle with a metal lid. Honey is sold by weight, not volume. Filled in 8oz or 1 lb plastic or glass bottles. Honey in plastic bottles can be shipped, contact us for a quote on price. Glass can not be shipped.

All honey crystalizes. If your bottle crystalizes, do not microwave it! It is not spoiled or rotten, you can save it. Simply heat water either in the microwave or oven, remove it from heat, place the bottle in the warm water and allow it time to decrystalize. If you heat it in the microwave or in boiling water, you can destroy the natural enzymes of the honey, making it an inert sweetener. It will not affect the flavor but you do lose some of the health benefits.

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8 oz, 1lb

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Plastic, Glass


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