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Low price, but not low quality, this Oxalic Acid burner will get the job done. Great for a beekeeper with just a couple of hives. Simply place the needed amount of OA into a cool pan (@ 3/4g for a 5F nuc, 1g for an 8/10F brood box 2g for a double deep or 3 mediums). Insert into hive, place a dry rag across the entrance, connect to a 12volt power source (lawn mower, golf cart, vehicle battery or jumper box). In @ 2-3 minutes, the pan starts to heat up and you begin to see vapors. Let it continue for @2 more minutes, then remove the unit. Leave the rag across the entrance for 10 minutes.

This is the time consuming part.  Let the wand cool down enough you can touch it. Some have cooled the pan with a wet cloth/sponge (do not immerse). You cannot get the glow plug wet or it will be ruined. Now you are ready to treat the next hive. This is the most budget friendly way to treat a hive with OA. If time is not on your side, we offer a nicer wand style that can be submerged in water and the next step us is the ProVap 110.  This wand can take @10 mins per hive to use.  The Varrox wand takes @5-6 mins, The ProVap takes @ 1 1/2 -2 mins per hive. Those are total times per hive from start to finish, not the OA vaporization time.

This treatment can be done throughout the year as long as honey supers are removed prior to treatment. They can be replaced in as little as 15 minutes after completing the short treatment. OA only treats mites on the adult bees and open brood, so you must treat through the brood cycle. On average, this is 4 or 5 treatments 5 days apart, although more may be needed. Winter treatments can be done on days above 40 degrees since the bees break cluster enough for the vapor to reach them. One treatment is sufficient in the winter due to the brood break.

If your bottom board is plastic, you can place a thin piece of wood beneath the burner.  Ensure this does not come in direct contact with burr comb on the bottom of your frames.

PPE: Be sure to wear nitrile gloves, a quality respirator and safety glasses. Some also recommend long sleeves when using the dribble method.

*We recommend using a Varroa Easy Check for an accurate mite count before and after treating.

*Varroa Mites are a HUGE problem and the #1 natural cause of a colonies mortality. (#1 is actually the beekeeper). ¬†Please research Varroa and understand alllllll of the different treatment options and the mite it’s self by clicking¬†The Honeybee Health Coalition non profit site

Visit the manufactures webpage: Varro Vap


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