Mini Mating Nuc


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A mini hive for raising virgin queens into mated queens. Leave your honey production hives stronger by using only a handful of bees in this mating nuc to care for a newly hatched queen until she is well mated and moved into a full hive (3+ weeks). Used with great success in Europe, this hive is made of polystyrene to help keep the bees at a constant 95ºF. Includes the 9 inch long, six in wide, 9 inch tall hive box, closable entrance with optional queen excluder, feeding chamber with queen excluder to keep her from drowning in the syrup, three 4 inch food grade plastic frames, ventilation screen for front of the hive and a vent screen for the bottom of the hive that is removable for easy cleaning.

*Pro Tip – If you have an issue with wildlife, you can place this inside of a hive box to protect it.