Complete Hive Kit :Assembled 10 Frame Wood Hive with Puracell Foundation and Wood Frames

An assembled, complete 10 frame hive kit with Puracell foundation by Premier in wood frames. This foundation has a double coat of beeswax, is 100% USA made with USA wax, and is much easier to use in the hive. A stress free way to set up frames with less issues, more durability, and ease of use for the beekeeper. Black foundation in the brood box makes it easy to see eggs and white foundation in the super makes it easy to see the color of the honey for seasonal harvesting.
This is the type of hive set up that we recommend and use in our own apiaries.
We recommend 2 deep brood boxes and 1 medium honey super. You must select a minimum of 2 deeps, 1 deep 2 mediums, or 3 mediums to qualify for the discount.